Chameleon spending a lot of time in bottom of enclosure.


My baby is a 6 month old Veiled and lately I've noticed she'll travel to the bottom of her enclosure and just chill there by my water dripper collection bucket. I have a 100W basking bulb and a 5.00 UVB bulb right on top of her mesh. I notice she still will sit on the branch right bellow the bright lights and bask. Should i be concerned, is she too hot or is she just exploring an prowling for dinner?


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do you have a lay bin, hate to break it to you but females lay eggs regardless of being bred or not... like chickens... she is most likely scouting out a pace to lay for when she is ready especially if she is strong right now and not lethargic looking. is she gravid right now??? can you post pictures of her and her enclosure please? if she is not gravid and not looking for a place to lay that means she's probably afraid she will fall and therefore is spending a lot of time at the bottom indicating that she may have mbd, when chams feel themselves weakening they will often climb down to the bottom of their enclosure in fear that they are not strong enough to survive a fall, in this case she will need a vet. she could also be hot like you mentioned, how hot is the basking and ambient temperature?


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What is the Ambient temperature in the bottom cage??
Temperature in general for the veiled
Baby/juvenile (<9 months): ambient 72-80F (22-26C), basking 85F (29C)
Adult males: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 90-95F (32-35C)
Adult females: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 85F (29C)
I will suggest get some digital thermometer to find out the exact temperature on the basking branch for ur cham and adjust accordingly.


since she is climbing back up though your best bets are that she's gravid and will lay soon
I definitely think she's too warm, just saw that juvenile charms need a little cooler temps. I also think she is a bit too young to be gravid I think, only 6 months and not showing her colors


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Here is a good blog about lay bins

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