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I am going to start building a new adult cage for my female veiled this coming tuesday. I was curious if anyone had heard anything good or bad about the screening I have selected to use. It comes in 36"x84" rolls it is made from polyester with a vinly coating. It sells under the name "Phiefer". I think I spelled that correct. I know that it can handle the heat although I suspect it will discolor under the heat light. I am slightly concerned with its ability to handle the high humidity and water under a constant basis. The wholes are fair sized. If I buy it from a local hardware store I can get it very cheap. It is the only thing on the local market that has really caught my eye when I went out looking.
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Vinyl coated wire (hardware cloth) is ideal. Im not so sure about polyester though, it's highly flammable and may cause a fire if the light gets too hot. I
would'nt risk it. So that probably leaves you with just plain old hardware cloth,
which is readily available. For adults over 6" use 1/2" wire so they don't pull out a toenail.
Thanks for the input Chameleon Tree and Sean. I guess I was just thinking more about the vinly being able to take the heat, not the polyester.
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