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I already made a post, but I was missing a lot of info and things got worse.
Chameleon info
My Chameleon is a "veiled chameleon", I thought it was a male but I've been told it a female so I guess she's female. I'm not sure how old she is, but she's still a juvenile and I've had her for about 1 month.
I don't handle her often
I feed her about 10 Crickets a day (from petsmart) and I give her waxworm as treats (not often).I feed her at about 10 and the at 5.
-The Crickets have "Flunker's Orange Cubes" and "Flunker's High-Calsium cricket diet"
-The calsium and Vitamins are both from zoo med, the calsium is "repti Calsium" and the vitamins are "reptivite". She gets Calsium Tuesday and Friday and Vitamins on Wednesdays.
-I mist her for 20-30 seconds every 6 hours. And I've seen her drink

-She has not been tested for parasites
-About 3 days ago her cage fell so I put her in a petsmart box I got when I bought her which had a wet paper (I wet it again with her water before putting her in) and holes for breathing, then put one of her plants (the ones for drinking). When I finished making the cage again it was in a different set-up and then I put her in

Cage Info
-Her cage is "16L 16W 30H" and it's a Screen cage.
-I use "Zoo Med Daylight Blue 60w" and "Zoo med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB mini compact fluorescent bulb" while the sun is out so usually from around 6:30 to 7:30 so 13 hours, and I have "Exo Terra Infared Basking Spot 50w" when the sun's out, so 11 hour.
-I measure the temperature with a humidity and temperature thermometer I think the lowest it's been during the night is 60 farenheit, and I during the day it's around 90 farenheit.
-The humidity is usually just below 95% and I use soil to keep the cage humid. And I use a humidity/temperature thermometer
-I use fake plants
The cage is located in the corner of my room with a fan at the window and near a TV (usually don't use in the night) I'll put a photo
-I think the cage is about 24 inches above the floor

So there two problems, but the main one is that his left eye grew a lot and look weird. This happened like 2 days ago (A day after she fell) I'll put a picture so you can see it (I don't know much about this so this part will have to be small)
And he isn't eating, crickets anymore she first stopped about a week ago and two days later I gave in and gave her 3 waxworms (this was the day before her cage fell) and I was told that was bad and that they can live for like a week with out eating at that age so now I'm only offering Crickets so I just want to know if you have any tips. Resized_20190913_230205.jpeg


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You really should take her to a vet to have that eye checked out.

There are some thing in her husbandry that need some attention too...being a female she could lay eggs so it's important to have a proper laying bin in her cage at all times.

I'm not a fan of using substrates in chameleon cages because they could accidentally (or sometimes on purpose) ingest some of it.

I don't recommend using the orange cubes or high calcium cricket diet. I use a wide assortment of greens such as dandelions, kale, endive, escarole, collards, etc and veggies such as carrots, squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, sweet red peppers, etc and a. Wry little bit of fruit such as melon, berries, Apple, pears, etc.

For basking a regular household incandescent bulb works well and I use the reptisun 5.0 long linear tube light for a UVB light.

It's important not to over feed mature veiled females because it encourages them to produce large clutches. Once they are full grown they can be fed every second day too.

I also recommend using real nontoxic plants, especially for veiled chameleons, because they will likely eat some of them.

I hope you can find a good exotics vet who can help you with her eye.


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Hi and welcome to the forum. You really need a vet to look at her eyes.
Adding just a touch to the advice Kinyonga gave, get rid of the red light and use a regular incandescent light bulb for basking.
There are two different ways to provide supplements: calcium without D3 daily, calcium with D3 once every two weeks and multivitamin once every two weeks. OR you can get Repashy brand calcium with Lo D and use daily - no other supplement required.
You need to use a linear uvb as the compact doesn’t provide any benefit. I use a Reptisun T5HO which comes with a 5.0 uvb bulb. You’ll want it to span the width of the enclosure.
Crickets are an ok staple feeder, but like us chams like some variety. Roaches are a great staple as are silkworms. The Fluker’s cubes don’t provide adequate gut load. Along with things like turnip greens, collards, sweet potato and some fruits, I also use Bug Burger for convenience.
Your humidity is much too high, which can promote respiratory, fungal and other infections. Ideally should be around 40% during the day and can be higher at night.
After the vet visit and making other adjustments, you’ll want to think about getting her a larger enclosure. She needs more vines, branches and a place to hide.
Main priorities now: vet visit, UVB light and lay bin.
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