Chameleon Problem?


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My veiled chameleon who is about 7 months old (male) has a kind of gap in the front of his mouth, when he gets pissed enough he can close it all the way but other than that its always there. He doesnt have mbd because he has a 5.0 uvb with him and gets fed calcium crickets/dubia roaches 1-2 times a week and the rest of his body looks to be in perfect condition. He climbs like a champ, eats like a champ he even runs really fast when i try to hold him if i ever do which is like once every 3 months but am never succesful. He currently has a big screen cage with a 150 watt heat bulb and a monsoon misting system. Im not sure if this gap is normal but he is acting normal and active. Also, planning to get a 3 month old female this month! Thanks.
What supplements do you use and how often for each? What do you feed/gutload the insects with? In particular look at the phos, calcium, D3 and what kind of vitamin A is in them.

Separated lips can sometimes be a sign of the beginning of MBD but it could be other things too. Can you post a photo please?
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