Chameleon Poop!

Thanks everyone for all the feedback we are leaving the vet(by the way she hates life right now outside her home). Lizzy was diagnosed with round worms and has been treated.


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Which vet did you go to? I'm in Houston, as well, and some of the vets here have chameleon experience but it's all outdated.


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I can't find anything on him except that he works at one of Petsmart's Banfield Hospitals, too. Did he say how much chameleon experience he had?
Basically all the same information that was provided above, he asked to see pictures of her habitat told me I had to much going on in there that she is not receiving the proper amount of lighting, not to feed her the wax worms as a staple feeder to try and do something other than crickets such Dubai roaches, make sure to give her more calcium for her bones. He said the worms that were seen in the poop were the wax worms that she did not digest properly due to over feeding
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