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I have a young female veiled chameleon who, on the first day we got her (we have only had her since tuesday) she ate 3 whole wax worms. On the second day she only had one in the morning and has not eaten since. I have tried her with locust but she was not interested. About 15 minutes ago it appeares she has pooed out all the wax worms partially digested. Can't seem to find anything on web about it. Can anyone help?
Chameleons need heat to digest their food. Your temps might be too low...:) Also, waxworms are not the best to feed to your cham as a staple. They are on the fatty side, have you tried Crickets or Roaches? Other types of worms?
In the basking spot of the vivarium the temperature is at 90F but the average temperature is 72F. I have tried locust but it hasn't eaten anything since this morning.
if your cham is a baby or young your basking is too high. Fill out the form if you can Also did you feed late at night so that she would not have time to bask and digest the food?
Is this your first chameleon? Are you sure your not looking at it's urates? They could look like partially digested waxworms to someone with limited experience I would think.
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, Female, 6-8 weeks. 2 days
Handling - 10 mins a day
Feeding - wax worms, it has eaten 4, non at the moment, wax worms have not been gut loaded but the locust (chameleon has eaten non yet) have a slice of carrot in the box
Supplements - Exo Terra Calcum + D3, i put a scoop on the locust but non have been given to the chameleon yet.
Watering - Misting, several times a day for about 10 seconds, i saw the chameleon drink on the first day in the morning and in the night but it hasn't since then (on the second day now).
Fecal Description - there is one full wax worm and 3 soggy wax worms. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites? not that i know of.
History - I dont know any more because i have just bought it.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Wooden Vivarium (AX36)
Lighting - Exo Terra, Solar Glo, 125w. I turn the light on at 7AM and turn it off at 10PM
Temperature - Cage floor 72F, Basking spot 90F. Measured with a thermometer
Humidity - 70-80, I mist the cage regularly there is also a water dish at the bottom of the cage
Plants - There are only artifical plants in the cage.
Placement - In the corner of the living room, 1216mm high
Location - North-west, UK

Current Problem - Not digesting wax worms properly. They came out undigested
Are you sure they are feces? I thought that my veiled wasn't digesting properly because I could clearly see undigested superworms in his feces, sometimes still alive! But it turns out he was actually vomiting the worms back up and it was just the same shape as a feces and had some digested matter in with them. They looked almost the same sometimes aside from undigested worms. So it could be something your cham actually vomited back up. It can be an indication of intestinal parasites so I would get a fecal done. Mine had worms and once he was dewormed he didn't do it again.

Of course it could be a totally different problem as well.
Couple of things here. Do not feed at night! That leaves undigested food! Not saying 100% that is the problem but a possibility. Make sure after your cham eats it has plenty of time during the day to bask and digest the food. Get your basking temp down to 80. 90 is way too hot for a baby. If you cannot get it down to 80 and your cage temp at the top is around 80 then remove the basking altogether. Is that solarlight you have provide UVB? Also, you don't want to dust your feeders with calcium with d3 on a regular basis. Just plain calcium without d3 at every feeding and the one with d3 two or three times a month. Also get a multivitamin and use that a couple of times a month. you are not not misting longenough. If you are misting 2 or 3 times a day you should be doing it for 3-5 minutes. Drench the cage with water. Do not mist at night or too close to when the lights go out. Cage should be dry at night. You are leaving your light on too long. 12 on, 12 off. Please describe the solar light you are using better. Not sure if that is the correct lighting to use especially for a baby. You may have it too hot in there.
It's best to feed them in the morning so they have all day to digest their food. After my first female laid I fed her a waxworm when she had finished (about 10.30pm) and she passed that partially digested as she had no hat at night to digest it with.
You said..."i put a scoop on the locust but non have been given to the chameleon yet" are only supposed to dust the ones you are feeding to the chameleon just before you give them to the chameleon. If you dust them and then don't give them to the chameleon right away, the dust will fall off and may kill the insect.
Good news! I came home today and my chameleon has eaten the locust that i left in the Vivarium! and i also fed her another one to be sure that she has eaten... thanks for all the help guys! Much Appreciated!
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