Chameleon or camera?


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Now obviously most of you will say chameleon but hear me out...
So, I've been saving up, and now I have what I call "a little something for me" money and I want either a chameleon or a fancy dslr camera. I've done a lot of research, I've made pros and cons lists, I've even had friends and family jump out at me and say "answer quick, chameleon or camera" (I said both) but I don't know what to do! I love chameleons, and I love photography, but I can't decide which one I want! :confused:

I want a chameleon AND a camera... but not a bunch of credit card debt :)

It's sort of silly, but this is a really difficult decision for me because I can't know how each option will affect me in the future. I wonder things like, "Will having a nice camera help me get a good photography job (like in sports or maybe for national geographic... I wish)?" But then what if I get bored with the camera and then I wish I had a chameleon but then I can't return the camera because it's too late? But then what if I do get a chameleon and something disastrous happens and then I'm sad and I don't have a camera or a chameleon? But then what if I become insane from all this wondering and worrying before I can buy either one? :eek:

Some bonus good news, I just discovered (from reading that /\ ) a way to save the world: Never let me be president of any country.

Anyways, now that you know I'm crazy... :D

What do you guys think? How do you make difficult decisions? How have your chameleons effected your life?

What is the difference between affect and effect? :D
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ok, Probably saying something that most on here won't, get the camera. Then we can all enjoy some great pics of your chameleons you get the practice on taking good quality photos and if all else fails and you don't like it sell it and get the Chameleon :)


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I guess it depends, what is your budget? lol If your budget is $500 you're going to regret not saving up and getting a better camera than what $500 could get you, where as you could get a gorgeous chameleon and all the fixin's for that amount of money.

I paid about $500 for my Canon Rebel and I really regret not having paid $2-300 more and gotten a better model. It works great but now that I'm way more into photography I regret not expanding my budget. But again, depends on your current budget and what your want out of your camera.

But for that money you could get a beautiful panther, for example, and all his supplies.

It's really up to you! Chams and photos are my two hobbies right now, so I understand your dilemma. Just a few months ago I was between a 70-300mm telezoom lens or another chameleon (plus vet care, housing, etc.)


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I say the camera. You don't often hear stories about the Nikon or Cannon that I rescued from the electronics store. :rolleyes: At least you can justify an impulse chameleon purchase! :D
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