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I wanted to see what names y’all like for chameleons. I have been debating my chameleons name and wanted to do something cute or funny. List your favorite name suggestions. :)

Boy Veiled Chameleon
I know I’m a little late on this but here’s my boy Radar❤️ I just got him today and he’s already very comfortable which I found odd but hey I’m not complaining


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Pickle is cute! Especially for a veiled lol! My boy’s name is Picasso. Two others that I was considering was Locojos (If you know your Spanish, this is a combination of “loco” and “ojos” which is crazy-eyes), and Mando (I looked on google translate at Malagasy and put in “humid” and the translation was mando. I’m also a mandalorian fan!). Picasso seemed to fit best though. Have fun with Pickle!
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