Chameleon names


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Gotta love GOT! Winter is coming! I wish. But anyways... I like the dragons names. Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal.
I hate the damn series. But I liked ghost and the dragons so I start watching it when season 7 was about to come out. They messed up season 8 thou.
I wanted to see what names y’all like for chameleons. I have been debating my chameleons name and wanted to do something cute or funny. List your favorite name suggestions. :)

Boy Veiled Chameleon
If you plan to get your chameleon around Christmas time, you could name him after one of the 8 reindeer. Ex: Vixen, Dasher, Blitzen, etc. If not, some other cute names I love are Sprite and Toothless! :)
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