Chameleon mouth is strange


Guys, my Chameleon mouth looks strange, like inflammation, can you take look and tell me what ti do?
Photo 1-11-19, 11 37 00 AM.jpg
Photo 1-11-19, 11 37 48 AM.jpg
Photo 1-11-19, 11 37 54 AM.jpg
Photo 1-11-19, 11 36 50 AM.jpg


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Looks like mouth rot to me but I'm not an expert on that. I suggest you take him to the vet and fill out the help form in my signature, if you haven't already.


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definitely looks like mouth rot, the black part is often times rotting flesh, he needs a vet good job catching it pretty early on though, it means he will get better faster the sooner he gets to a vet for meds
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