Chameleon Life, Love and Death

Hey everybody,

I had a female Chameleon, Leslie, that lived about right at a year. I used to be on this sight constantly, making sure she was taken care of the best way possible.

I loved her. I love to handle my pets but I refrained from handling her for her own benefit. I actually only handled her while cleaning her cage or to take her outside to tan with me when the weather was good, and even then she would sit on a banana tree while I would lay in a chair.

Here is a pic of her. She always had that angry look like she hated me, but I could sense that she knew I loved her, and deep down I could sense she loved me.

I think she died due to stress because she took a bad fall and then she seemed to get sick and less than a month later she was dead.

This was all about five years ago and the only reason I bring it up is cause I might be ready for another, but my confidence is low.

I feel like I poured my heart and soul into Leslie and I failed her by her only living a year.

Did anyone else have any similar problems?
The care sheet here has good info, as well. If you decide to get another one, purchase them from a reputable breeder
Thanks for the encouragement y'all. Could not getting her from a reputable breeder be a factor as to why she died? I bought her from PetSmart.


There are some excellent breeders here on these forums. also sells absolute stunners.

I really hope you spend some time here reading everything you can and taking part in the community. No need to rush back in. Things will go differently if you have good support like this.


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Most likely a Veiled, just because that’s what I had before and I heard they are the most hardy. I definitely want a male this time, opposed to a female.
The veiled care sheet here: is a great reference for info. Although personally, to me, panthers are better. For the most part, panthers are usually friendlier, too. That's just my opinion, so if you want a veiled, get a veiled. FL Chams and CBReptile are great online breeders. @jannb and @Brodybreaux25 are great veiled breeders here, just to name a few. Don't buy one from a pet store or Backwater Reptiles, and always get captive bred! Good luck! Once you choose a species, could you fill out the ask form help form: to make sure your husbandry is 100%, please?


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The females are more complicated, more risky, and require a higher level of care. Just like human children.

I stick to boys, for both.

A veiled will not be giving you cuddly feelings and will thrive the most when left alone. Every handling stresses them out and shortens their life span, just like smoking a cigarette. Love them from afar


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I had a similar problem too, my boy delta only lived for about a year because I bought him with mbd from a Petco and he kept falling and stuff, lately ive taken to rescuing chams and its worked out for me well, ive had my new boy for about half a year and hes thriving, online if you find the right breeder you can get some high end chams for a great price.
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