Chameleon doesn't want to drink


Hey guys I have a 5-6 month old male panther cham and he seems to have stopped drinking. I have already had help with others on the forums to make sure the temps/supplements/hydration and everything is setup properly.

2 days ago I made a drip system by poking a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup. The water dripped down onto the live hibiscus leaves and he drank from it for a long long time. He loved it! I was amazed how much he drank. His urate was perfectly white the next day. Yesterday and today he seems completely uninterested in the dripping water and only took a super tiny drink yesterday. His urate today is yellow.

I mist the cage as well as use the dripper. I have been looking at him practically all day and havent seen him drink. What should I do? The yellow was like this smiley :) color.
I am sorry that you are having trouble. I am not an expert but I can offer my experience. I have a veiled chameleon and he doesn't drink while I am watching. I normally mist his cage and then leave him too it and I assume he drinks as his urates are normally white. If I suspect he might be becoming a little dehydrated I add an extra mist if I can or make one longer. I hope your little one drinks for you soon.
Well if you don't see him drinking in the next day or two I would take him and his plant out, and put them in the shower. You can bounce the water off the wall so it mists him and do that for a long time to see if it helps at all.
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