Chameleon choking on water! What do i do?

My chams eyes were sunken so i watered her and now she appears to be choking. I'm freaking out! Her head turned blackish and it looks like she's trying to cough something out. Is there anything I can do??
How much water and how did you give it to her?

I see you have the other thread I was talking to you in, because this one has a more defined title to your new issue i will respond here.
I had tried showering her with a spray bottle already and it wasn't working.
I've actually been force feeding her for the past month because she hasn't been eating, the vet said it was related to her laying eggs (which she did last week). I just got her eating food on her own again but she hasn't been drinking so I tried to give her water with the syringe I've been force feeding her with.

I just called the vet, they said they would call me back. That might take a while.
I would keep a close eye and try to see if you can get to the vet. She may have aspirated some water. Force watering can be difficult to do. I like the plant in the shower methode, with water bouncing of the wall onto the plant and chameleon.
But I think she has prob had eough experience with water today.
Hope everyting works out.
you can also fill out the "how to ask for help" form found in the health section. It helps others see exactly what you are doing and any ways that may be able to be helped
her head isn't black anymore at all and she is completely her normal color but her mouth is wide open and her tongue is at the edge of her mouth. Her head is kind of turned side ways...what does this mean??
I have always read that force feeding water is not a good idea, unless experienced in the practice.

Just what I read, that it's easy for them to drown that way. It sounds like when you shot the water into her mouth it went down her windpipe.

For hydration I always use soft-bodied feeders like hornworms. I have heard about injecting them with water for hydration as well, but I haven't done that. Also have you read about giving them a "shower" ? Propping them up on a fixture in the bathroom shower, turning the water on and pointing it towards the wall for an indirect mist. Though remember, if the water is warm to you it is hot to your chameleon.
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