chameleon bath

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eliot, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Eliot

    Eliot New Member

    do u bath chameleons or give them a shower people told me you were subposted too but i dont know
  2. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    It can be helpful if you are having trouble keeping your chameleon helpful. Some people like to do it fairly routinely. They believe showers, in particular, are enjoyable. You do not have to unless you feel the need to.
  3. Eliot

    Eliot New Member

    ok thank you
  4. Alexl

    Alexl Established Member

    There's no need to bath a chameleon in a tub or a bucket at all, it's just stressing the animal. :eek:

    Some keepers give their chameleons a longer shower as rain period imitation to give the chameleon the ability to drink as much as it wants to. Some chameleons will drink better if it rains a longer time than those short minutes we mostly use misters or raining systems.
  5. stom

    stom New Member

    i dont no i tha :confused:
  6. AZJ0SH

    AZJ0SH New Member

    Usually showers are for when there are hydration issues.
  7. brooklynelizabeth

    brooklynelizabeth New Member

    nothing like a helpful chameleon :D;)

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