chameleon 1 month old advice?


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Baby is going to climb it is what they do. This is why you have to have the fixtures lifted a specific amount.
This is what you need to do for the UVB
With that zoom med T8 I want you to make sure that the fixture does not have a plastic piece covering the bulbs. Also your distance needs to accommodate screen climbing the top. You want to prop that fixture on the sides up 2 inches. Then the closest branch below it should be 4-5 measured inches below the screen. So your total distance will work out to 6-7 inches. But with it lifted 2 inches if baby decides to hang on the ceiling below it he will not be exposed to extreme UVI levels from the bulb.

For the heat fixture you want it at least 4-5 inches up off the screen Your just warming the area not giving baby a real basking spot. Still too young for that. At 3 months old you can make adjustments so baby is getting a 80 degree basking spot. But you still need to have the fixture lifted.

Yes, you can get a plant to help take up space.
Here is a link for safe plants. You would choose the Veiled tested options only.

Start reading through this husbandry program
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