Cham laying eggs!! What do I do?

Age: 6 months
Specied: Veiled Chameleon
First time laying eggs

My chameleon just laid 22 eggs...she has been too weak to dig a hole in the sand bucket i put her in. The eggs are pinkish colored. Some eggs have a hard shell but most of them are pretty soft.
I've been force feeding her carnivore care and liquid calcium supplement for the past month because she wouldn't eat crickets on her own.

What should I do next? Should I try to feed her now? She looks really tired and is really easily irritable.
Definally feed her and put some calcium in the carnivore care. Give her a good long misting and water to drink. It sould like she needs a vet visit. Have you tried offering her other feeders besides crickets?
i've fed her meal worms and once in a while hornworms..
also it's been a few hours and she laid one more do i know she is done laying eggs? how long does this process usually take?
Take her to the vet straight away. If she's too weak to dig and still has eggs in her then things can go down hill pretty fast. Usually you would leave her to dig a hole and lay the all the eggs then straight afterwards she would eat and drink to get her strength back up and recover.
I have a couple vets for you that see chameleons.

Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services
4105 Rust Rd.
Fairfax VA.22030
703 281 3750

Scales tails and claws- Westminster MD

Best Friends Animal Hospital- Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Victoria Hollifield
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