CH Ch. j. jacksonii born yesterday

Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
Thought I'd share a couple pics from a clutch of CH Ch. j. jacksonii born last night from one of my females. I found them late last night and so far I've found 9 babies but I'm keeping an eye out in the enclosure for more.




Here is a pic of one of my males sleeping. The females were sleeping in places I couldn't get good pics of them but I'll snap a couple later:



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Gorgeous babies.

And the colors on that male are amazing. Are the babies captive born from a wild caught mother or captive bred?
Real nice. They are so cool. I wish I could have one, to bad though. I don't have the space lol. Goodluck
Had another 16 babies born today from another female. These babies are a lot larger then the last clutch even though there are more of them. I've lost the 3 smallest of the 9 from the other clutch unfortunately but seeing this clutch, I think the last one just isn't as strong as they should be. Time will tell I guess but this new clutch is extremely active, alert and big. Pics soon,

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