CBB Furcifer Minor - The wait is over!!!

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Good Evening All,

We are excited this evening to offer to the Chameleon Forums Captive Born and Bred furcifer minor!!!!

The wait is finally over for those of you who have wanted to keep and work with these amazing animals.

For those not aware, these in many peoples eyes are the most striking chameleons. The females are stunning, especially in gravid coloration, and the males are amazing animals as well.

This species simply put has not been legal to export from Madagascar in many years and there is no indication that they will be in the future, and that is for Wild Caught animals. To have an opportunity to own captive bred animals is truly a rare occurrence.

We will have these animals in our possession here in the US no later than January 15th 2015 and expect delivery to the buyers during that time frame. These animals are being imported from the breeder in Europe.

The animals are being offered at $5500 per unrelated pair which includes shipping via Delta Dash. Multiple pairs offered at $5000 per pair to individual buyers. We will be requiring a $3500 deposit to reserve your pair with the balance due prior to shipping.

All of our normal terms, conditions, and guarantees apply to these captive bred animals.

Pictures are of the actual parents of the juveniles that are being offered.

Please contact Steve directly at 901-550-1723 or [email protected] for further questions or details.

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