US CBB Carpet chameleons (Furcifer lateralis)


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CBB Carpet chameleons (Furcifer lateralis) available! Just a few pairs ready to go right now. From multiple distinct lines. $400 for an unrelated pair. $150 for a single male. No single females. Shipping is a flat rate of $50. Live arrival guaranteed.

Please take a moment to read through the entire ad as it will answer most questions.

A detailed care sheet written by myself available to all those interested. It is posted for free on my site as well as on the Reptiles magazine website (…/)

I have attached pictures of representative juveniles as well as some of my breeding stock to show the tremendous genetic potential these animals have. Lateralis do not show their stunning adult coloration until sexual maturity at approximately six months. Juveniles are not distinguishable and not indicative of adult coloration.
This is a great opportunity to pick up true captive bred and born lateralis which are a world apart from wild caught lateralis. WC lateralis often come in at the end of their lives and females which are almost always gravid don't last long in captivity. We are going to start seeing WC coming in at reptile shows and pet stores. 99% of these animals will not live longer than a month or two. On the other hand, CBB lateralis are just as hardy as panther chameleons at a fraction of the cost and space. Single adults can live their entire lives comfortably in an 18"x18"x18" terrarium. Bigger is good also. They do equally well in the typical screen chameleon enclosure or a beautifully planted glass terrarium. The variety of coloration exhibited by lateralis, especially females, is some of the best of all chameleons.

The most frequent questions I get from people before purchasing carpet chameleons is "What do the parents look like?" and "Can I see individual pictures of the juveniles for sale?". The answer to both of these questions is not nearly as important as it is for panther chameleons. Carpet chameleons are probably the most beautifully diverse chameleons especially considering there are no "locales" as there are with panthers. Carpets, especially females, can vary wildly in color even among clutch mates. There is no was to tell exactly what an individual will look like until it is an adult and showing it's breeding colors. For all intents and purposes they look identical as juveniles. I breed for health, vigor, and genetic diversity and do not line breed for specific traits. This leads to natural, variable, and healthy chameleons for all new owners!

I guarantee live healthy arrival and am always there for support throughout the life of the animal. Apart from the health of the animal customer service is my number one priority. Please read the "reviews" section of my Facebook page for positive experiences of past customers.
Please message me with any questions. Thanks for looking!


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