CBB Blue Bar Ambilobes from Bonaroo $150

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Chameleon Company

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We've got some nice CBB little ones sired by Bonaroo, one of our most stunning bloodlines. Pictured are the actual animals for sale. Males are $150, females $140, plus shipping. Buy an unrelated pair for $275 plus shipping. We ship via FedEx Overnite Priority any Mon-Thur, with delivery the following AM before 10:30 in most areas. In-state Florida residents may be able to take advantage of our $6 Overnite shipping if willing to pick up at a Fedex main facility or store (ex-Kinkos). All animals come with a 5-day health and satisfaction guarantee. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Jim Flaherty
The Chameleon Company
863-638-3653 (10 AM - 9 PM EST)



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