CBB Juvenile Ambilobes, 4 bloodlines, Males $170-190 plus shipping.

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Chameleon Company

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Greetings. We currently have juvenile Ambilobe males and females from four different bloodlines available. Pictures of those four sires are posted below. Males are priced at $170-190, plus $45 shipping, depending on line. Females $130-135 plus shipping. Unrelated pairs $295-310 plus shipping. These are 5-6" total length juveniles.

All the above can be purchased by calling, or by email, or by going to our website and utilizing the "Buy This" buttons found next to the sire images at this link: http://www.chameleoncompany.com/ambilobeoffspring.html. Purchases there can be made using PayPal or any major credit/debit card.

Depending on availability, we offer five lots, in ratios of male:female of 3:2. 2:3, or 1:4 for $650 shipped.

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. All chameleons come with a 5-day full satisfaction guarantee. We ship Mon-Thu primarily via UPS Next Day Air for overnight shipping and next day AM delivery in most areas.

More about us can be found at http://www.chameleoncompany.com/index.html

Best to contact us via email, [email protected], or by calling 863-638-3653 10 AM - 9 PM EST. Thanks.


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