WC Blue Bar Ambilobe Males ....... $275-325

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We have two adult WC Ambilobe males available, pictured below. We brought them in 9 weeks ago. Both have been treated, and are fully bulked-up again, with robust fat pads, etc. Both have bred for us already, and are studs in every way.

The male facing to the right, is #712. He is $325 plus shipping, because he is more colorful in our estimate. The other male, facing left, is #707. He is $275 plus shipping. Both are in great shape, virtually without scars, etc.

Shipping will be $40-50, depending on distance from Florida. Less if in FL. Send zip code if interested.

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. These chameleons come with a 5-day full satisfaction and health guarantee. It is best to contact us via email, [email protected], or calling. Thanks.

Jim Flaherty
The Chameleon Company
863-638-3653 (10 AM - 9 PM EST)


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