CB Carpet Chameleons


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I'm new to the forum. For the past couple of months I have been looking everywhere and anywhere possible to buy CB Carpet Chameleons. So far my search has come up with negative results. I'm curious if anyone knows any places or breeders in Canada that I could contact.

Any information would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated.

Thank you,
Welcome to the forum! I've been looking for almost 2 years and still haven't found anything in Canada. I've come close (twice) to getting wc, but those never even happened. Hope you find something -- I'm still searching!
Carpet Cham Canada

I am a newbie and haven't decided on the species, but a Carpet Cham is an option for me. That's whiy I opened this old thread.

I found this website: http://www.chameleonscanada.com

Carpets are generally available (offers in May 2014) in Canada.

Kijiji is another resource.
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