Caught my chameleon with his eyes closed for a sec.


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I could be over reacting. We had just handled him to take him outside for a few mins. But I walked passed him and saw him sitting with his eyes closed. When I put my hand up he opened them right away. Is it stress? There’s lots off poops in his enclosure so I know he’s eating. I got him from petsmart on may 15th. T5HO 5.0 linear bulb. 60w basking. 28x28x50 enclosure ( we used 2x2s and wanted to make sure it was truly 2x2x4ft on the inside) all live plants. With organic top soil. lights are on a timer 8am on 8pm off. We feed crickets supers and wax and occasionally horn worms. Dust daily with repti-cal w/o d3. Reptivite w/ d3 2x monthly. We hand must 30 mins before lights in and 30 mins after lights off. And he had a dripper. My sub adult has all the same husbandry and is perfect. I may just be over reacting.


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I would definitely keep a close watch to see if he does it again. Little ones are fragile and it’s possible he could have an underlying condition. Chain pet stores aren’t known for selling healthy animals or keeping them properly. :(
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