Casque burn? All inquiries helpful

I’m very worried about what seems to be a crack developing along my veiled chameleon Cosmo’s casque. I live in Chicago so the winters are extremely cold, in which case I use a different wattage for the heat bulb in the summer vs the winter. I have a good digital thermometer in his basking spot as well as near the bottom of the cage, when spring rolled around and we had an abnormally hot day I noticed his basking spot was way too hot - about 102 degrees, so I immediately swapped the lightbulbs and haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary in temperature since. Where his basking spot remains around 84-91 degrees. But the darkened front of his casque in the last 5 or so months has developed from just the very bottom, all the way up to the top. I’ve been to the vet & they said it wasn’t a thermal burn but I’ve seen on other forums this part of the casque being chipped off almost like a hang nail. All advice, opinions & suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Nothing out of the ordinary to my eyes. Male veiled will using get a black coloration on the edges of their casque. As long as the basking branch is roughly 6 or so inches from the bulb and the basking temps arent way hotter then the recommend temp then he should be good.

I had the same concern when I first got my veiled and noticed this color pattern.
Thank you so much for your reply! But do you see the cracking along the top part of his casque? It’s gotten more prominent in the last 3 weeks or so. That is a concern to me.
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