Carpet Chameleons


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Hi, this is mainly out of interest.

I've seen Carpet Chamelons for sale but can only find limited information about them.

I've heard that they are quite hardy, quite small, need high humidity but have a short lifespan only about 3 years. Does anyone know any more about them.

They are completely beautiful from pictures I've seen.

Are they easy to keep, gentle, good temprament like being handled?

Thanks all
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you might try and go to their "profiles" page. They are the loveliset of creatures, aren't they?? I do know that there are two species one much larger than the other. chameleonsonly don't seem to have an available but I think they have in the past and may be able to give you some advice. I think finding CB is difficult.

good luck!
thanks lele. THey are beautiful aren't they! but by the looks of things they are quite antisocial even for a chameleon and I'd like a cham that would at least enjoy being handled once in a while. I think a Panther sounds like the best bet for me, but I'll keep colecting information on thase gorgeous little things!

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