Carnivore Care


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I just wanted to pop in quickly to throw this out there, in case it can help anyone. When Hermie got his impaction (which he passed) the vet put him on this "carnivore care" food. It comes as a powder and you mix water in to get the consistency that you want. I think someone had expressed some interest in it when I mentioned that we were using it. Anyways Hermie just LOVES it. When I take him out for his calcium meds he will tilt his head back and open his mouth (like a baby bird waiting to be fed), and waits for you to gently squirt some in his mouth/on his lips for him to eat. (On the other hand he doesn't much like the calcium meds, and clamps his mouth shut when it's time for those lol.) I'm not recommending that people use this if they don't have to, as I'm sure that a "natural" diet is better for them, but if anyone has a sick/injured etc chameleon in need of some nutrition I would highly recommend it!
i got some of this on friday for Lucky and the vet gave me a small amount pre-made and it was very thin and watery lucky ate it though,then when i opened up the new pouch they gave me and mixed it using the instructions it was alot thicker, Lucky ate it though she seems to like the stuff now like you were saying she opens up her mouth for the stuff. i just hope she lays the rest of her eggs.
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