Car Lovers?


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What cars are you interested in? I'm a chevy guy. I will be getting either a 1984 or 1996 Corvette this January. Tell me what you like/drive.
LOVE Chevy! I was born a Chevy guy. Brought up in a family who stock raced. My first vehicle was a 1947 Chevy pick up my best friend's dad helped me built from the ground up after my best friend died in middle school. We put it on an S-10 Blazer chassis and put a 572 big block engine with full blower kit in it. Anymore its a show/once a year drag truck considering gas prices. Now I drive a 2012 Chevy Camaro and my wife drives a 2011 Chevy HHR.
I'd always thought about buying a Corvette but every single one I've ever ridden in has felt like dragging my butt on the ground feeling every bump/pothole. I'm a 6'2" guy so I have to have leg room too lol.
Used to be into GMs and Buicks Rocket big blocks. Im more Mopar now though. '76 Pontiac GP , '71 Buick Boat tail, '66 Buick 98. Had a GT mustang for a few years. Im getting into offroading a little now that I go hunting so im fixing up the Jeep. Oh yeah... I have a carpet queen Challenger too.
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