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Canvas Chameleons Update

We wanted to take the time to announce that we have officially decided to take a break from breeding Panther chameleons. It was and is still a difficult decision for us but with so many new adventures and opportunities that have come our way, we feel it is best for our family to step back and take a little breather. With that said, it doesn't mean we are disappearing as we will always be around to help and answer questions!

I also doesn't mean you still can't own a Canvas Chameleon! We have teamed up with a great breeder and long time friend Frank Payne of Living Art by Frank Payne to help us raise some of our latest clutches and offer them for sale. So if you are in the market for a Canvas Chameleon, be sure to head over to Frank's page and check out our latest clutches!

We want to send a huge Thank You to all of our customers who are part of the Canvas Chameleons family and to everyone in the chameleon community for all your love and support over the years!!!!

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Thank you so much for all the work you have done with Panther's! Are you guys still going to be working with other species?
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