Cant figure out how to get back in cage?

Hey guys! So I left the cage door open for Winston so that he could climb onto his ficus tree but instead of climbing on his tree he has just been climbing on the outer walls of his cage for the past 4 hours. Is there any chance he maybe can't figure out how to get back inside or something? I haven't moved anything since he has been wandering around so he could just go back the same way he came but I just feel like he's been out a long time. I want to avoid handling him until I build more trust since he puffs up and hisses every time I get close to him, but I can if it needs to be done. Sorry I don't have time to fill out the chameleon info form as I am working right now (I work from home in the same room his cage is in) but he is a 5 month old panther chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations. Has he been out for too long or will he head back in when he's done exploring? In the pic you can see my setup and in the bottom right corner you can see him trying to climb onto the space heater. Don't worry, its not turned on lol. Please let me know and I will fill out the form as soon as I can! Thank you!


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I find most Chams have a hard time transitioning from one outer wall of their viv to the other, especially when going down from a horizontal position to a vertical one. There just isn’t much for them to grab on to. That may be why he didn’t go back in but it’s probably as simple as he was enjoying himself!
Okay so I’m trying to get him into a branch but he is just clamping down onto the sticks on the outside perimeter of my cage! I’m worried if I pry him off it will hurt him so what should I do? Every time I bring my hand or the branch close to him he gets super pissed


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Try to slide the branch under him. You could slide it towards his front legs to encourage him to step onto it, or underneath his belly or armpits and lift up gently, using your other hand as a support if he needs it. If you slide the branch towards his front legs and he isn’t willing to step onto it on his own, you could try using your other hand and hold it up behind him such that he sees it - kind of like a “stop” sign behind him. Sometimes doing this will encourage my Cham to move forward. Yes - he will probably be upset, but I’d say that’s normal if he’s really enjoying his time out and is just not interested to go back up!


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or use food, lure him onto your hand or a stick and then gently get him into his cage food is a positive reward for handling
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