can I leave my chameleon with a sitter?


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My entire crew can live off of bucket fed crickets/mealworms for weeks. They have auto misters etc. All the sitter has to do is make sure to clean out the dead bugs out of the buckets and make sure the water jug is full. and to make sure the crew didnt get stuck some where.

They can be tong fed, get their caterpillars and dubias, when i get back. This goes if i get hospitalized etc. I make sure my babies can at least live off of petsmart ungutloaded crickets for at least alittle while.


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i need to leave him for a week. Should I transfer him to a sitters house. Do they need to be trained on chameleon husbandry
Yeah they need to know the basics
When to water,feed, and turn the lights on and off
I think the Cham will be fine if they know what to do
I think he could miss a week of supplements but correct me if I'm wrong


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I left my Jackson w my parents for a week once and it was fine. My lights were on timer, the mistking is on a timer, all they had to do was feed him. And he just ate horn worms and silks that week for ease on my parents.


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When I leave for just a few days, I just give him an extra big meal the day before i leave and when I get back, and let the aquazamp do the rest. Longer than a few days, I just have one of my friends who also has a cham feed him. Either way, the aquazamp makes life SOOOO much easier. If I didn't have the AZ and my friend had to mist the cage, then it might just be easier to move the cage to his house.


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I am very lucky in that I have a couple who run a reptile boarding business out of their home AND they live very close to me! They love reps and don't charge a lot - they want to make owning a Cham or other reptile accessible for all, money wise. I pack up my chams and either use their cages or take my own. They are worth their weight in gold to me because I have a family that enjoys travelling and it gives me 100% peace of mind!

However, for very short trips (weekend), I feed before I leave, fill up the misting bucket and check the timer. They are good to go for a few days on their own!
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