Can carpet/pigmy chams live with dart frogs?


Hello there friends.
I used to have a couple of Nosy Be's on a huge large bioactive naturalistic vivarium.
It's about 2x3x8 fts.
Basically they died old, lived a good life. Kept them from 5 years.
I changed a little bit of animals, and bought about 6 darts frogs, you know, to see more animals around, but I do need to keep chameleons in my life.
So my question is, can I have carpet or pigmy chams living in with the frogs?
If so, how many of them can be living together?
It's a very large terrarium, thanks for the help.
This a pic of one the enclosures.


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I think your biggest concern is diseases transferred from the chameleons to the frogs. Frogs like my Dwarf N.A. and fire-bellied toads still absorb plenty from their environment, and they live below two veiled chameleons. I have no issues. Maybe an aggressive cleanup crew (isopods, worms, and grubs would maybe help.

But what went into your enclosure? What plants did you use? That looks setup looks stellar I think.
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