Can any one tell me what's wrong with my parents chameleon?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by bukkdjng, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. bukkdjng

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    I know they don't hold it, the feed it crickets with calcium powder on them and they spray the cage every day and right now they only have 1 heat lamp because the other light burnt out. It looks gross and not normal and I can’t find any pictures of other chameleons with these bumps on their mouths. I guess he can open his mouth because they put crickets in the cage and they all disappear.

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  2. Jevin

    Jevin Avid Member

    That's a growth, not sure of what, but definitely should be looked at by a vet.
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  3. bukkdjng

    bukkdjng New Member

    Thank you
  4. Jevin

    Jevin Avid Member

    No problem.
  5. jamest0o0

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    It sounds like there is a long list of husbandry issues with this animal. A vet and filling out the how to ask for help form sticky would be a great start.
  6. Jevin

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    ^^agreed. Vet visit asap though. More photos of the enclosure and the Cham would help too, in addition to the form mentioned.
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  7. Chameleon Mike

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    Poor guy. Its good of you to take it upon yourself to try to get some answers but please take a minute to fill out the help form and attach some more pics.
  8. Tiosk

    Tiosk Member

    What are your parents thinking! This animal should get imediate help.
  9. NickTide

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    I hope I am not wasting time on a troll and this is a legit question.

    Here is the "form" to help us, help you.

    Like others said, he needs a vet.

    Beyond that, the bulb that burned out... are we talking the UVB fluorescent? If that burned out, it was likely past the point of useful UVB. He needs some UVB. Some time outside on a mild day in some indirect light will help but he needs a linear UVB bulb such as reptisun 5.0.. The shed is an indication that there likely isn't enough humidity. Is that a live plant? Live plants help a lot with this. One type of feeder isn't enough. He also need D3 once a week and vitamins every other. Are the crickets cup fed or just allowed to roam around the cage to escape, die or hide? Someone needs to make sure that he is eating. At least watch him eat a few now and again. one misting a day isn't always enough either. Veileds are more likely to get by with that but a second misting can help a lot.

    Good luck.
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