Calling all Dragon Strand/ Dragon ledge owners!!


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Hello Cham fam!!

I ordered a Dragon strand enclosure a while back for my chameleons upgrade. (Still waiting for it! Lol)
If you have one or use dragon ledges I'd love to see pics of your enclosure. 😍😍


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I was a bit intimidated when mine came. But it was very easy to put together. Just watch the videos and read instructions. This is an older pic b4 I tweeked some stuff inside, but u get the idea...


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I'm not sure if they come with the horizontals pre-marked where to install them or not. I would have to ask my son if they were marked on his large atrium. but he has installed them on reptibreezes, and he said he messed up the first time and installed the too high, made it very difficult to get the plant pots in and out.


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