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What brand of calcium without D3 is the best to get and what brand of multivitamin is good also?
the top 3 recommended is:

sticky tongue farms
Rep Cal

All 3 make excellent vit and calcium. rapashy has the the highest level of d3 dosage, sticky tongue the lowest. Rep cal has the best sticking vitamins, sticky tongue the worse (the powder is meant for hairy feeders or fed directly to feeders the night before).

Your schedule should be:
calcium without d3 every feeding
calcium with d3 2 mondays a month
vitamin (has d3 in it) 2 mondays a month
Here's what I use, taken from my blog for new keepers.

The feeders have to be "lightly" dusted with 2 kinds of supplements. When your chameleon is young you will use plain calcium (no d3) at just about every feeding...... if you skip one or two days a month that's ok. You will also need Reptivite with d3 twice a month. In this link I use the 12th and 23rd one.

You might find my blog helpful.
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