Calcium & vitamin Qs


Hi anyone know if I can use plain calcium carbonate powder intended for humans to dust insects? There are no other ingredients added. I can't find the new Repashy powder I bought since I moved & running out of the old lot. I would alternate with Nutrabol-just temporary this week while I try to find Repashy.
I'm not sure it's a good idea though as the added vitamins from the Repashy would be missing. Or maybe I could even just dust the insects food with the human calcium while I try to make the Repashy last on the dusting of the insects themselves. Obviously if I can't find the Repashy I will have to buy more. I usually use Repashy 5 days a week & Nutrabol 2 days. I used to alternate between the two every other day but read that that could be too much D3 from the Nutrabol. However, recently I've read more D3 than 2 days a week is needed plus vet told me to use lots of D3 as I have a female now who appears to be trying to lay eggs. I'm really confused as to what's best. I was also reading that too many other vitamins are also dangerous so I'm really confused about the Repashy now too! Another reason why I'm asking about the plain calcium as I read about someone using plain calcium (though not human type) some of the time as they said vitamins too much. Vet advised me to give Zolcal liquid calcium with D3 daily also-would this be too much D3? I found another liquid calcium product on Amazon (ExoTerra) that also contains magnesium but not D3. It says the magnesium is important to work in synergy with the calcium for bone growth. Have an issue with syringing into cham's mouth however as not had her long (not tame) & had trouble giving her antibiotics for parasites, she really refuses to open & I don't want to stress her doing this every day-even the vet had trouble! Haven't seen any eggs yet-only her burrowing in the soil-maybe should wait until I see eggs? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated thanks-so much conflicting info out there! Hope this makes sense & my confusion's not leaked out into the post!
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