calcium glubonate question...


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i just want to ask,
if mbd is so bad, would it not be better to use "cal glub" from the beginning?
it seems like it would be more accurate, as far as dosage?

i just caught minion slipping to mbd, vet feels we caught it very early
(thanks again sandracham) so shouldn't have a terrible long lasting effect.
The body does absorb the liquid better and I use it with my females and would also use it if I had a bone problem in a male.
good question.
I guess powders are just easier and more readily available? if done properly alongside a good gutload routine, the powders do work fine.
I'm not certain, but I think in the wrong hands it's easier for an inexperienced or ignorant keeper to overdose their animal on it, since it is so well absorbed. It seems harder to do with a powder regimen. But if you had some vet/professional assistance with what is an approprate dose, it wouldn't be a bad idea to supplement with a little now and then. I'm like Jann, I have some that I give to my girls in particular to make sure their calcium needs are well taken care of.
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