Calcium deficieny because of Shaking?


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I have noticed that Ryker's feet have been shaking when he can't find something to grip onto right away. Like the foot that's looking to grip onto something starts to shake pretty violently. It worries me that he has a calcium deficiency. But I have a good dusting system (calcium w/o d3 everyday, calcium with d3 twice a month, multivitamin twice a month). I just took him to the vet and she said nothing about MBD, so obviously he must look fine. But it still worries me, enough that I have changed my gutload to Repashy bug burger from fluker's high calcium dry feed.

Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to fill out the form? I will if need be. I can post pics soon too if wanted.
I would love to see what you are observing. I mean sometimes if they cannot find a branch they will feel around with their foot. I have to say they don't violently shake though. Could youu post a video maybe of the behavior?
I'm not really sure how to post a video of the shaking... I mean I can probably get a video of it, because I have a camera that will shoot videos, but I don't know how to upload it. >.< I'm kind of technologically challenged when it comes to knew things.
remember that calcium is not the only factor. Bones and muscles need all sorts of nutrients to function well. Magnesium is an important one that for some reason people here rarely mention. Others include vitamin K, vitamin A, B1, potassium, zinc ....
I think he only does it when he's upside down, and that's why I haven't seen him do it the last night. Sandra, shouldn't my multivitamin have all that stuff in it? Or should I check it?
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