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Need help on deciding what material to use for my cage. Can anyone give me some ideas? Not really looking to use wood so I don't have to seal it. I looked at the plant list on this site but am interested to here what you use and your thoughts about them.
well i havent build any cages yet...but im thinking of building one the parts of a window screaning kit...hope it helps
I don't really understand how you build it out of the kit. How do you connect them to make the 4 walls? Do you know if it is expensive?
well im gessing with a screwdriver and screws.. but ofcourse you would need to drill a hole on the metal/aluminum part. im thinking of my feet and i dont think it would be let me look for some online and ill get back to you ok...give me 5 mins.. ok?
Im not sure, that was my next step on deciding. I need to build 2 adult cages for my veilds. I want a lot of room for them to climb and I want to have some kind of plant in there as well.
I have an idea for you. Fractal's first cage was made from pvc piping and black screen. While he was small the mesh is ok. Howver now, he is big. I got the PVC piping but am having trouble finding the tri els for the corners like on his first one. But I will find them. I make a rectangle structure easily with these pop together parts I cut the piping to my desired dimensions. I wrap the screen and literally sew it on to the pipe with 8 pound test fishing line. I pull to the next post and do the same, etc. I leave the smaller front side open. I will have a door made of 2way els and seperate pipes. On the top, I use 1/4 inch mesh wire that holds weight and structure. That way I can rest a ceramic/metal bulb holder right on top. I wire this and a door and cover the edges with plastic cover to avoid pokes or scratches where needed. Fractal liked it alot. I think he misses it since I made him the large round one he's in now. While it is an eye pleaser, I think he liked the square/rectangle.
I will be making the 5ft tall by 3 ft wide one, 2 feet deep and use the round one in the living room as a sun cage only soon. I will use 1/2 inch mesh, but have not decided for sure on the sides as I am learning more about other possible light weight products. That's key for me. Keeping it all light wieght. By the way, I will be making a glass enclosure at the bottom so that I can let bugs go in there so he can hunt and they can't crawl or jump out. Hope this gives you ideas
It would be plenty sturdy ...


Pvc will hold up because its very strong, but the cage wont be sturdy because its so flexible, It wont matter how much time you put into building it, its gonna look like the leaning cham cage of pizza.
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