Cage size and cham age


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Glad I found this place. Seems to be a wealth of information here.

One thing I'm not sure about still is whether or not a 2-5 month old panther chameleon will do well in this cage-

or should I get a smaller cage for the first few months or so? Do you think if I had a feeder bowl, the larger cage would be okay?

Thanks for the replies.
I started my panther out in the 16x16x20. Then at about 9 months old I moved him to the big 24x24x48 cage that you are looking at now. Some people say it is fine to start big. You just need to add a feeding cup. Because he may not be able to find his food in that large of a cage.
As long as you kept an eye on what they are eating and drinking I don't see the harm. my male veiled is in a 4x2x4 cage some times its hard to find him but he's eating and drinking so I am ok with it. today I put a barrier in the middle of his cage to make it 2x2x4 just couse I was having a hard time finding him.
I say go with the larger cage. He will be fine in there. If you don't use the feeding cup then just kinda monitor the crickets you set free in there and make sure he is eating them and they are not hiding out.
Thanks for the quick replies, guys.

I don't have my cham yet, veiled. Thanks for the welcome.

I'm leaning more towards just getting the larger cage and having a feed cup. If he's not able to eat in the larger cage, I can always then go buy a smaller cage.
I agree, go with the big cage. It is no different than them being out in the wild. Welcome to the forums !!
I found that if you dump the crickets out at the bottom of the cage they would always run up the sides of the screens towards the top where the lights are and my cham would just pick them off one by one with no problem. I would dump maybe like half in to start and just count them as he ate them. It is kinda fun to watch them hunt them down versus eating out of a cup. Also, you will eventually branch out into different feeders, like silkworms or hornworms, etc and they can just be set right on the branches or vines.
I don't have alot of experience but I put my 8 week old panther male in the same size cage you are thining about. He always seemed unhappy very dark colors he was hunting and eating . I have since put him in an 18x18x24 enclosure he seems much happier green the whole time. I also have better control over the temps and humidity. He is very young though 9 weeks.
I'm just full of questions today...

I'm looking into getting a mist king system, and I have some beginner questions that probably seem pretty silly.

1. Do you guys set up a bucket or something for the pump to pull the water from?

2. What do you guys use to secure your system on to the back of your screen cages?

Thanks for the help!
For larger size plant would recommend a ficus or sheffera . For the mist king i use a 5 gallon bucket and lid from homedepot and have my pumps mounted on a plywood that i secured on wall above my resovoir away from cage so no over spray can hit pumps and electrical cords.
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