cage setup idea

i just got a 6ft x 2ftx 2ft cage and i need some idea on how i shouldset it up i have a ficus tree going in it already but what else should i use to make it look nice
nice size! Did you make it? What is it made of?

I recommend some ivy as well as the normal vines\branches. You will probably need a stronger light than the reptisun 5.0.
i got it on a trade from one of my friend it has wire on all sides but one the other side is plexy glass. i was think of keeping it on my porch because i live in fl and i want my chameleon to get direct sunlight
Obviously you're going to need vines and foliage to mimic an arboreal environment and to provide a cham "highway". Keep the bottom basically empty for easy cleaning. Remember that water sprayed or misted on silk plants/vines evaporates rapidly. Silk or fabric plants are better asthetically, but plastic fakes and live ones help retain that crucial moisture.
Sounds like a nice big cage!

I just got my first Chameleon about a month ago and am enjoying her a great deal. She is a veiled Cham. I have purchased an aluminum enclosure for her that is 18" x 18" x36" . It is screened on all sides. She is in a smaller one now which is a hexagon 16" X 24". I want to put a live plant in this new one. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use? I plan on using the smaller cage for her sunning cage this summer.
Hey Marsha welcome to the forums!

Some plants you can try are Ficus, Pothos, Hibisicus, Umbrella Trees, Spider plants, Schefflera(sp?) as well as many more. I've heard that some are hard to keep alive due to the fake lighting. Heres a link with some herp-friendly plants

I'm sure others will chime in with some more links and sugesstions.
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