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OK, it has been sometime. I have done some research and feel that it is time to get going. I am looking at buying my cage in the next day or so. Does anyone have any info on screencages from either BlueBeast Reptile, or LLLreptile, Any pros or cons from one to the other? Thanks for any help that you can give me.
I am not familiar with Bluebeast's cages, but I am with the ones from LLL and from My biggest complaint about the LLL cages is the small screen. It is well built otherwise. It comes with a plastic floor, and I cut a circle in it and installed a drain. It has worked out well, as long as I keep screen climbing chameleons out of it.

The ones from are well built, and they have the custom 8 mesh vinyl coated screen as an option. They cost a bit more, but I believe they are well worth the extra money. They aren't the easiest people to get a hold of sometimes.. but keep calling, the cages are worth it.

I like the ones from also, my wife likes the ones from Bluebeast. I just don't want something that is not going to last or that might rust.
i have one from bluebeast and love it the small door on the botom makes it easy to clean and i like the green bottom but thats just me.
Yes, I love the idea of the small door....Looks easy to clean:D I also like the green on the bottom.
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