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Hi all new guy here. I bought some chameleons on line a few years ago. a place in florida I think it was. I had real bad luck the baby died within 3 weeks and the adults lasted about 6 months. I still have the cages and the books and misting set ups and I really want to get back into it.
I have read all the books and went to all the websites.
my questions are a follows
1. what is a good place on line to buy
2. what is the hardiest (easiest) type of to have?
what about the leaf chameleon?

Clayton :eek:
Buying online

Not sure what species you're looking for but my advice about buying online would be to only buy cbb stock from reputed breeders. 3+ month old panthers and veiled are pretty much bullet proof. Personally, I stay away from imports that I can't see in person before making a purchase.
be careful

I've had bad luck dealing with some people . and other done me good and paid you back if some thing goes bad . those grantee are bull for the most part ,any cham should live longer then a couple weeks even sick depending on how sick they send it . like they said panther and veilds over three month are the best and other CB chams over three months are better then Wc for the most part . but the frist are the easy-er , and it depend where you live and how if you can put them out side . and depending were it can make some harder and some easy-er , with weather . I live in portland OR . it easyer for me to do cooler chams( mountains chams ) . and have a couple panthers . but cooler chams do good up hear . if in the lower states warmer stuff does best like panthers veilds there a couple others . the dwarf chams would be harder to start off with unless you do dart frog or something small . good luck Jeremy Elder
Bradypodion tavetanum Two Horned Chameleons

Two Horned Chameleons
are they any different as far as care and hardeness as a panther or a veild?
I have a chance to get 2 CB babys
Um, the only place I know of with these for sale right now is one of the one's I would not purchase from unless I saw them in person....and still probably wouldn't. Yes, this is based on personal experience with said retailer. They are up for a really cheap price too which would be a red flag in my mind that they are captive hatched, not captive bred.
i purchased mine from I am very happy. He is six months old and very healthy. By the way this is my first cham ever. Vincent from screameleons is very supportive and answers all my questions through phone or email, usually that same day. No question about it i would choose a panther. They are hardy and the colors are amazing and I would get it from screaleons. They have a pretty good return policy but wouldn't be surprised if things went really wrong that vincent would still work something out with you. in just six month my cham is showing lots of color. can't wait till he is 15 months. good luck:cool:

I must concure that screemeleons is a great place to get a chameleon from. I'm a very satisfied customer.
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