Burns or patterning?


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Sorry for the constant questions, I'm a new owner and it's better safe than sorry.

My little guy, six months, developed these black markings on his face yesterday. They lessen to a brown during the day (this picture was taken right at lights out) but never fully fade. I'm worried these might be burns, or perhaps just adult patterning?

He has three basking perches, from 93-70 degrees. He usually stays in his 93 degree perch. The light is 7 inches away from this spot. It's a 75 watt reptisun basking bulb in a zoomed deep dome lamp. Apologies for the size of the image, it was taken with my phone and I don't have the time to scale it down in the time of writing this.



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Do you find that he gaps with his mouth open a lot when he's perching at 93*? If you take him outside I believe you'll see the black marks start to fade. Here's a picture I took of my Veiled when I thought he might have been burnt as well.
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