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We received two veiled chameleons from lllreptiles.com about 4 days ago, 1/11. One of the chameleons has a bump on its left eye. The eye has a hazy film over it and no pupil. He is completly blind out of that eye. We called them and they told us that it is perfectly normal when shipping chameleons and its just from dehydration and should go away by the next day, but it hasnt. He is drinking and eating but the bump and blindness still remains.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I think lllreptiles should accept responsibility for what has happened here. You can try flushing the eye out with saline solution (available from chemists) but if that doesn't work then I'd be worried. Usually dehydration would cause sunken eyes but not sure I agree it would cause this problem:(
I would e-mail them at lllreptiles a copy of this photo stressing the problem hasn't gone away. A vet trip may be needed.....
poor little cham :(

The best advice I could give would be to visit a vet who is experienced with chameleons. I am surprised your cham is still eating with his eye like that. Did you send the picture to lllreptile? I could be wrong, but it looks like more than dehydration to me. Most places have guarantees on the health of their animals at delivery - you might want to look into this. Sorry I could not be of more help; hopefully someone else can give some additional advice.

That doesn't look like dehydration to me either. It looks like an infection, or maybe a growth. And, after less than 24 hours in a box, a chameleon may be thirsty but shouldn't be dehydrated enough to have sunken eyes anyhow.

LLLReptile's policy:

Animal Shipping Guarantee
LLLReptile & Supply guarantees our animals to be alive, healthy, and to your satisfaction upon arrival, and 1 full WEEK after arrival (amphibians are a live arrival only guarantee). Notification of dissatisfaction must be made within 24 hours if you notice any problem upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns, we expect you to call us first (we are open 7 days a week). We do not guarantee animals that are not signed for on the first delivery attempt. You must be there and sign for your animal delivery.

We also guarantee the sexing of our animals. If they are listed as males or females at our website, they are guaranteed to be as such. A “pair” is one male, and one female.

We not only breed some of our animals (like our Sulcatta Tortoises), many of the animals at our website are from some of the top breeders in the country! We make sure that we are offering the highest possible quality animals available.

Internal issues on imported animals are not included under our guarantee; it is an outward health guarantee only on imported animals. Please be aware of what you are purchasing, and do the proper research (and ask us, as we are very happy to help!).

Our guarantee is void if you do not have the proper environment to house the animal in (for example, putting a bearded dragon in a plastic kritter keeper is not appropriate). This includes temperature, bedding, and proper lighting.

We make every effort to pack animals according to your weather conditions, but can not guarantee animals when your daytime high temperature is above 90, or your daytime high temperature is below 35 degrees. LLLReptile & Supply, Inc is not responsible for freight/shipping charges on the replacement of animals, and there are no cash refunds of any kind, store credit only.

Call with any questions at (760) 439-8492. Thank you

A specialist vet is your best course of action, i whould as chamgirl stated wash his eye out with a saline solution in the mean time.

we were told by lllreptile to put terramycin or neo-poly-bac ointment on the eye. does anyone know where we can get that?
Your vet would be able to sell these products to you. You might be able to find something elsewhere, but I am not sure. Try calling a few vets, they should be able to give you an estimate on pricing. While you are there, I recommend at least letting the vet take a look.

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