Building new enclosures. I HATE STAINING!!


Friendly Grasshopper
so i just finished staining and then verathaning over 160ft of pine, its alot of work lol. I am building two new enclosures that measure roughly 24 x 24 x 48, they will have a 1 x 2 pine frame and trim, a solid pine back and a plexiglass door, with the rest being screen. They have to be cosmeticly appeling as i keep my chams in my living room. i will deff, post picks of when i am finish.
i am wonding tho if i should take detailed picks with measuremeants of the whole process, for a DIY thread for others wanting todo the same thing?

A plexiglass door sounds like the tits. Good luck piecing everything together. Hopefully all goes smoothly.
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