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I haven't posted here in quite some time, but I want to share some pics of my new cage build. I did some research here on the forums to get some ideas. It's a regular 2'x2'x4' to replace an older larger cage that has seen better days. I like to place the cage on top of a planter so that it's an effectively larger cage.

For the planter I started with this:

Which unfortunately was only 22"x22" in size. So I bought some 1x4 pine to make the frame on top of it, which I cut to make the frame and then glued and screwed down to the planter. For the layers of soil I used this blog from Cyberlocc. I may still add the leaf litter and isopods/springtails to make it bioactive. The last pic shows the final product with Vincent, my quad gracilior in there. I hope he likes it!


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I don't know if cedar is a good wood to use. I was told not to use cedar branches for my veiled cham.
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