Building my own cage


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After walking through Home Depot today I could not stand it any more. No where near complete but not a bad days work.
custom cage 002.jpg
Really wanted to opt for a some what differant design but I suck at building stuff out of wood. Really I would like to have all my chameleons in the same room so the solid sides seemed like the way to go.

It is 2'x2'x4'.
i saw someone have a little screened area at the top back for a little more ventilation. Mayb you can try that? (I forgot who had this but theres a thread about building these cages) It looks nice so far though.
It is pretty good for a days work! Maybe some small areas of screen on the sides would induce some more air flow. You could just stagger the placement of the holes between the cages.
I was actually thinking of porting some holes through the back wall. I am going to cover the backwall and sides with stryfoam/peatmoss. The vents I was think about came out of a subwoofer enclosure. I believe they are 3" maybe 2.5" though. Have to look again. I figured this would slide in snug and allow for the expansion of the foam with a clean route out. Not sure if I am going to or not yet.

Creampuff that was probably Will Hayward's cages you where refering too.
Looks good Jordan.
I wouldn't go crazy putting a bunch of side and back holes in. Maybe do what Will does, but with the size of the enclosure front and top seems like a decent % of screen.
The air is certainly not going to get stale or stagnant in there. Kitty's current enclosure is around the same dimensions with only one solid wall and four screened plus the top (it's 5 sided). The next one is going to have more solid walls.

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