Building an enclosure !


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Ill be building my chameleon an enclosure in the next week or so, curious to know what paints/ sealants you guys have used on your own builds?
what brands are safe for a chameleon?


where could i purchase mesh/ screen? other than amazon

and if anyone can suggest some more plants (live) i could add in that would be amazing!

im from the UK so if anyone knows of anywhere or any brands from the UK i can purchase these from that would be amazing, thankyou


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Flexseal for the wood. This still will need to gas off for a week or so until you can not smell the odor anymore. Make sure you do it outside away from the chameleon as well. The fumes in the house can kill your cham.

For screen you are looking for aluminum window screen. Most hardware stores carry it. Make sure it is aluminum. Feeders can chew through the fiber glass type and fiber glass reduces the UVI output of our bulbs too much.

You want to use stainless steel for your screws as these will not rust.


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And make sure everything is UV rated. You dont want all the plastics to crack etc, or the paint to start fading/flaking, or like beman said, if you dont use flexseal/outdoor rated caulk, its also going to get destroyed by the UVB lights.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can use marine grade polyurethane or Spar varnish for the wood sealant.
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