building a cage


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hi all am going to be building a screen cage and i was just wondering if it matters what kind of wood i use and what type of screen i use the only ones i could find is ether fibber glass or alum or that bigger mesh any help would be great thanks
thanks for the link and i like your cages they turn out really nice and thanks for the tip i never thought of the crickets eating the fibber glass stuff till u said that lol and all post some pics when i get it done
I am going to be honest with you, I use regular minwax stain and a good exterior polyurethane and have never had a problem with it effecting my chams and that is over a 10 year period! I know some people will condemn me for it, but I have never had a problem and it holds up fantastically. I just let it air out a few days and its good to go!!
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